The White House Documentary by Fabia Mendoza, 75 min., 2017, OmU (English)

Rosa Parks' house is set to be demolished, a man battling cancer is stuck between two abandoned houses, and the partial removal of a house in Detroit where dilapidated houses abound, somehow creates a scandal. In a time in which cartoon characters rule the world, values are shifted and lost. Ex-patriot artist Ryan Mendoza walks into a battlefield of racial tension, and political rot as he attempts to bring a home resembling the one he used to live in as a child in America, to where he now lives, in Berlin.

The White House Documentary follows his interaction with the inhabitants of Detroit, from Gregg Johnson who donated a house for his art project on Stoepel Street, to Rosa Parks' niece Rhea McCauley who allowed him to ship a house her aunt had lived in overseas. Ironically, from a country set on building a wall, the city in which the Rosa Parks' house would be rebuilt was itself reborn of a wall being taken down.

This documentary, an offbeat homage to Detroit, a city unwilling to surrender features techno-pioneers the Underground Resistance, the grandfathers of Hip Hop The Last Poets, former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Tommy Hearns, Urban Activist and public shamer Jonathan Pommerville, Rosa Parks' niece Rhea McCauley, TV personality Greg Dunmore from PULSEBEAT.TV, Harley K Brown, once the biggest employer for minorities in Michigan, the neighbors of the White House on Stoepel street, Kari Smith CEO of THE PACKARD PLANT PROJECT, North Americas largest industrial renovation project, Donor of the house Gregg Johnson, musicians from Detroit as Sovereign T, Preach the Artist and Breanna 'Breezy' Caprice,The Thomas Family, Activist Rose McGowan, Detroit's The D Town Riders Bike Club,

John O’ Malley from Brightmoor among many more.